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Learn How To Invest Strategically in the Dynamic Austin MSA/
San Marcos Area

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Webinar highlights

Getting to Know Austin and San Marcos: What Makes Them Great for Investing

Leveraging Build-To-Rent Communities in Rapidly Growing Markets

Analyzing Demographic Shifts and Their Impact on Investment Opportunities

Mitigating Risk and Enhancing Returns through Diversification in the Austin MSA/San Marcos Market

What Makes Austin Msa/San Marcos Area
Good For The Investment?

Booming Tech Hub

Strong Economic Foundation

Employment Growth

Population Growth


Pro-Business Environment

Who should attend this webinar?

Real Estate Investors looking for diversification

Busy Professionals
with a worth of $200,000

Couples who have
a $300,000
joint income

Medical Professionals willing to build their Real Estate portfolio

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Our Host & Co-Hosts


Shravan Parsi

CEO & Founder


John Kaschak

Director of Acquisition & Entitlements


Lucy Litteaur

Executive Administrator to CEO


William Little

Vice President of Development & Entitlements

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Discover the diverse benefits of investing strategically in this dynamic region, explored in detail during our insightful webinar.

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Explore potential hurdles in the investment process and gain insights on overcoming challenges for a successful investment journey in this region.

Learn time-tested strategies for successful investments in this region during our webinar, where we delve into key success factors.

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Understand the specific advantages that investors can gain by strategically investing in this dynamic area through our comprehensive webinar.

Discover why investing in the vibrant Austin MSA/San Marcos Area is the best strategy for enhancing your portfolio

Join our webinar on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 at 7 PM CST