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The Draper

Garland, TX in Dallas – Fort Worth MSA

155 Units
Class A Apartments
HUD Loan

  • 155 Units
  • Class A Apartment Complex
  • Under Construction – Construction started in Q2, 2022
  • HUD loan – 2.96% fixed interest rate for 40 years

Mixed Use – Apartment Development

San Marcos, TX – Austin MSA

40 Acres
Class A Apartments
Mixed Use Development

  • 155 Units
  • Class A Apartment Complex
  • Under Construction – Construction started in Q2, 2022
  • HUD loan – 2.96% fixed interest rate for 40 years

The Warehouse @ SoCo

Austin, TX

160 Units
Condos Development
A+ Location

  • 160 units
  • Luxury Condo Development on Austin’s iconic South Congress Avenue
  • Under Entitlement Phase

The Junction

Arlington, TX in Dallas – Fort Worth MSA

205 Units
Class B Apartments
Multifamily Value Add

  • 205 Units
  • Workforce Housing
  • Value Add – Multifamily Investment

Recent Exit

Shadow Creek Apartments

San Antonio, TX

108 Units
72% Net LP IRR
1.81X Net LP Equity

  • 108 Units
  • 72% Realized Net LP IRR
  • 1.81X Realized Net LP Equity Multiple

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Finance Right

Leverage and terms

The right lender

Capital expense reserve

Build Right

Strategic Engineering & Design Partners

Strategic Builder & GC Partners

Contingency Planning

Buy Right

Realistic underwriting

Contingency planning and exit strategies

Strong distillation of deals

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shravan parsi, american ventures
One of the traits that helped Shravan Parsi, entrepreneur, innovator, CEO, and Founder of American Ventures®, achieve stupendous success in the real estate industry was his firm belief in applying the scientific process to everything he touches.
With experience in a variety of industries, including real estate investing and pharmaceutical research, Shravan’s methodical approach to investing in multifamily and commercial real estate was based on his skills as a pharmaceutical chemist. He brought an analytical perspective to real estate, a sector that was very much in need of such an approach.
Since he began his involvement in Texas real estate in 2003, Shravan has co-invested with private equity firms, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and accredited investors, to acquire 22 apartment complexes totaling 4,300 units, as well as a number of commercial buildings.
In 2022, Shravan won the title of “Top Multifamily Investor of the Year” at the Real Estate Development Awards (RED), popularly known as The Academy Awards of Real Estate, which are presented annually to noteworthy work carried out across the USA.