Austin MSA Diversified Development Portfolio


Investment Opportunity



Equity Requirement


Preferred Equity Return Per Annum

2 Years

Projected Exit


Projected Return On $100,000 Investment

Confidential Preferred Equity Offering for Accredited Investors Only

★ Confidential Preferred Equity Offering for Accredited Investors Only ★



SOCO Luxury Hotel and Condo Development

San Marcos Multifamily Development

San Marcos Single Family Build-To-Rent Development

Elgin Retail- Hospitality Development

Investment Overview

This incredible investment opportunity in Austin’s thriving market is your chance to earn big. It’s a diversified 4 property development portfolio consisting of Multifamily, Build-To-Rent Single Family Homes, Hospitality, and Commercial real estate asset classes.

Here’s how it works:

Equity Requirement $10,000,000

Projected Exit
2 Years

Projected Exit 2 Years

Preferred Equity Return Per Anum 14%

Projected Return On $100,000 Investment $28,000

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WHY Choose
American Ventures?

We are investors too. When you invest with us, you invest alongside us. We put our capital to work using the same philosophy as we do our investors – risk mitigation, diversification and
value creation.

We engage the community we are working with to solve their local needs. Whether it be to solve infrastructure challenges, expansion, or city services, we help to grow wealth. We help to grow communities.

Meet Our Team


Shravan Parsi

CEO & Founder

John Kaschak

Director of Acquisition & Entitlements


Pat Dertien

Director of Capital Markets


Lucy Litteaur

Executive Administrator to CEO


William Little

Vice President of Development & Entitlements

Secure Your Stake In Austin's Hottest Market, Diversify Your Portfolio With This 4-Pack Deal

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Submitting a soft reserve is easy – just let us know that you have funds available to invest and that you would like to reserve your selected amount. This will hold your place and ensure that you are part of the deal. We strongly encourage you to submit your reserve as soon as possible, even if you are still considering the investment. This will give you ample time to review the documentation and make your final decision

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