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Forbes published Shravan Parsi’s first book
The Science of the Deal: The DNA of Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Investing

Applying science, analytics and insight to multi-family property investing, Shravan outlines his unique strategy to data-driven real estate investing for modern times. Leveraging deep insight for each deal structure, Shravan outlines how he has built tremendous success through his investment history.

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“Since beginning his investment career in Texas, Shravan continues to pave the way for business innovation and growth here in the capital city. We all benefit from his ideas about business, development, and the potential of individuals to make an impact ... in Austin and beyond.”
Mayor of Austin
“Here is a step-by-step insider’s look into multi-family housing investing. Using Shravan’s five characteristics of success, the reader has a path to follow.”
Founder, Texas CEO Magazine
“The Science of the Deal provides the reader with a powerful guide … that will empower the reader to understand what makes a good deal and when to walk away. The wisdom Shravan shares will benefit any entrepreneur.”
New York Times best-selling author of Wealth Can’t Wait
“A scientific, yet self-reflective, guide that lays out the basics for commercial real estate investing. His story is a great read that reminds us that even real estate can be broken down to a science.”
Managing director of a private equity, real estate, and infrastructure firm
“If there is one book I would have a real estate entrepreneur read before starting a multifamily investment firm, this would be it.”
Founder, TIGER 21
“I met Shravan early in his multifamily investing career and saw that he was equipped with a unique stack of skills and mental models different from others in CRE.”
CEO, Family Office Club

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