Can Investing in Multifamily Housing Help Beat the Affordable Housing Crisis?

Investing in Multifamily Housing

Investing in Multifamily Housing: A Way to Tackle the Affordable Housing Challenge It’s an opportune time to act on the affordable housing crisis. The financial markets are in turmoil because of the Coronavirus pandemic and oil price war, but multifamily real estate remains a relatively stable investment with a solid return. Affordable housing is not […]

Why Investing in Multifamily Workforce Housing is the Key to Long-term Real Estate Success

Above: Texas Workforce housing communities currently/previously owned & operated by Shravan Parsi, CEO of American Ventures When financial journalists and advisors are nervous about the housing market, investors in multifamily workforce housing are calm. It is no secret that housing can be as volatile as other sectors of the economy. And, like manufacturing, it can […]