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high inflation and the multifamily: what investors need to know?

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Webinar highlights


What Multifamily Investors Need to Know About Inflation

Why Can Multifamily Assets Be a Hedge Against Inflation?

Introduction to Multifamily Real Estate Investing

What Causes Inflation and How Is it Managed?

How Inflation Affects Multifamily Real Estate Investments

What Makes Real Estate An effective Inflation Hedge?

People Always Need Housing

New Generations Face Affordability Challenges

The Housing Demand Is On The Rise

Less Sensitive to Volatility

Outperforms Stocks and Bonds

Shorter Lease Terms



Shravan Parsi
CEO & Founder
Mark Hansen
Director of Operations
Jameson Cooper
Director of Acquistions

Forbes published Shravan Parsi’s first book

The Science of the Deal: The DNA of Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Investing highlights

Commercial Real Estate Investing Ebook
Applying science, analytics and insight to multi-family property investing, Shravan outlines his unique strategy to data-driven real estate investing for modern times. Leveraging deep insight for each deal structure, Shravan outlines how he has built tremendous success through his investment history.

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Learn how multifamily is an inflation-ready investment asset!
Join our webinar on the 4th of October at 7 pm CST

Shravan Parsi

CEO & Founder

Shravan Parsi is an entrepreneur and innovator with a background in the diverse fields of real estate investing and pharmaceutical research. His experience as a pharmaceutical scientist drives his systematic approach to multifamily and commercial real estate investing. Shravan’s first book, The Science of the Deal: The DNA of Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Investing was published in November 2019 by Forbes Books, a market leader in business print and digital media. Shravan has been involved in Texas real estate since 2003 and acquired 22 apartment complexes to the tune of 4300 units & several commercial properties, by co-investing with private equity groups, family offices, high-networth individuals and accredited investors.

Mark Hansen

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations for American Ventures, Mark oversees the development of systems, defines workflows, and drives value within team and across the entire portfolio. For over 15 years, Mark Hansen developed disciplined operational skill sets within the United States Army and continues to develop his competencies within multifamily value-add shops. Prior to joining American Ventures, Mark assisted in the development of his former company NAPA Ventures, at the time of hire owning $75 million under ownership to just over $325 million over a 3-year span. His contributions, in part, were the workflow systems, financial analysis and personnel development processes that he implemented which allowed for such a hyper focused growth.

Jameson Cooper

Director of Acquistions

Jameson heads American ventures acquisitions and disposition strategy. His responsibilities identifying and sourcing acquisitions as well as building broker and lender relationships, evaluating returns on potential acquisitions and supporting capital raising efforts with family offices and high net worth individuals. Prior to American Ventures Jameson was on the investments team for AMR Capital a real estate private equity firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. At AMR Capital Jameson identified three Texas storage acquisitions directly through owner, underwrote, created the business plan and ran the execution process for these deals. (including securing debt for these acquisitions) Jameson also underwrote and vetted over 100 deals (Over $1B in GAV) within 5 different real estate sectors.