American Ventures

TEAM with 80+ years of experience

Managed over 15,000 units and acquired 4300 units since 2012

Invest in individual deal or diversify by investing in portfolio deals

Focus on new development and value-add Multifamily Housing

Process-Driven Approach

We apply science, analytics and insight to investing in the right multifamily projects. Our transparent processes are created and refined through careful market and trend analysis.

Returns You Can Track

You have 24/7 online access to your investment portfolio through our portal, where your can view your investments, total projects invested, returns, documentation and much more.

The Texas Advantage

We focus on the Texas real estate market to maximize returns. There's always demand for apartments in Texas, the state with the highest population and job growth.

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Invest in real estate through an organization that is





Buy Right

Build Right

Finance Right

Manage Right