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Shravan Parsi

Shravan Parsi

CEO & Founder

Shravan Parsi is an entrepreneur and innovator with a background in the diverse fields of real estate investing and pharmaceutical research. His experience as a pharmaceutical scientist drives his systematic approach to multifamily and commercial real estate investing. Shravan’s first book, The Science of the Deal: The DNA of Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Investing was published in November 2019 by Forbes Books, a market leader in business print and digital media. Shravan has been involved in Texas real estate since 2003 and acquired 22 apartment complexes to the tune of 4300 units & several commercial properties, by co-investing with private equity groups, family offices, high-networth individuals and accredited investors.

Shravan is the CEO & Founder of American Ventures. With a forecasted pipeline of $300 million in planned acquisitions for 2022/2023, American Ventures is positioned for aggressive growth. American Ventures offers private equity firms, family offices and accredited investors access to quality multifamily and commercial real estate investment opportunities.

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Shravan Parsi

CEO & Founder
William Little

Vice President of Development & Entitlements

John Kaschak

Director of Acquisition & Entitlements

Jessica Stanley

Director of Operations

Lucy Litteaur

Executive Administrator to CEO